Top 5 Ways to save money at your wedding

When you start planning your wedding you will soon see that there are many options to choose from in each area of your wedding. So many cool little details you can add to personalize your wedding day experience. Again, every couple has to make decisions about their priorities. A good way to gauge how essential things are: Ask yourself ” Will any of your guests notice if we don’t have…”.

The best 5 ways to save!

There are many ways to do this but knowledge is the key… knowing where to spend & where to save!

1.Trim the guest list: We know this is usually really hard for most couples to do,  but the food & beverage costs per person are the largest wedding expense.

2.Have the wedding earlier in the day: a heavy hors d’ oeuvres reception cost less then a plated dinner, guest may drink less, lowering the liquor cost.

3.Skip expensive favors: write them a personal” Thank You” note instead, or make a donation to a charity close to your heart on behalf of your wedding guests.

4.Cut out the full bar: offer wine, beer & a signature drink. Punch & lemonade are a cost effective non- alcohol options as well.

5.Have a Sunday wedding: Sunday or a weekday wedding really lowers the cost for venues & some vendors.


We hope these 5 tips save you money as well as some time!

Happy Wedding Planning!!

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