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mother“Sweet Dreams was astounding!!!! Especially since I live in MN and the wedding was in Portland – they were able to keep everything on track and keep the planning going as needed. The wedding day was spectacular. I can’t say enough about how helpful they were and we had no worries at all as they did all the set up, watched over things, keeping everything flowing on schedule and then did all the clean up. I would recommend them to everyone planning a wedding!!”

-Mother of the Bride



0328-Copy-150x150“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! These ladies know everything and everybody. They made sure my wedding was even better than any of my expectations and were there for me every step of the way!!!”



michaela“Tilly, Lisa, & Mary were all great and absolutely worth their weight in gold – particularly when it came down to the day of our wedding! With all the excitement and family buzzing around – it was like herding cats just to get people moving in the same direction. I truly don’t know how I could have done it all without them! Thanks so much to all of you!!”




ctnearf_0517-150x150“I hired Lisa & Tilly for the day of coordination and I have no regrets! I would recommend to any Bride that’s planning her own wedding to get a coordinator for the day of. I know I wouldn’t of been able to do it myself. Everything I planned they put together for me, if it wasn’t for them I would of been up on my wedding day at 5:00am setting up tables and place settings. They were so helpful and organized. They made sure I had every little thing was covered, they didn’t let me miss a detail, and because of that my wedding was so amazing! They have the greatest funniest personalities and really worked well with me and my husband! We cannot thank them enough, our wedding would not of been what it was without them!”



APRILURIAH0828-M-150x150“Lisa and Tilly were very helpful. I had done pretty much everything as far as planning and finding vendors. They were able to take all the info I had and turn it into something cohesive. The day of the wedding they made sure everything ran smoothly. One nice thing they do is make sure that you get a tray of appetizers for just you and the groom. The only thing is it would have been nice if someone had kept our wedding party away from it. Lol”



20110416-ATC_1260-150x150“Wow! These girls are INCREDIBLE!!!! I can’t say enough about just how happy we were with the final outcome of our wedding experience! My mother and I went into the wedding planning knowing nothing and not having a clue as to where to begin. We were overwhelmed! Right away, Lisa and Tilly were “right on” with answering any questions we had and getting us on track for planning things in a timely and organized manner (while keeping budget in mind). They brought up things we didn’t even think about — The best part about working with Sweet Dreams was their sense of humor! This is what made things click for us, and we SO loved being able to joke around while getting what needed to be done, executed with ease and efficiency. I love these two ladies and because the experience was done professionally and with class, my wedding was beautiful. One of the first questions they asked was “How do you see your wedding?” I replied, “I want my guests to walk away saying ‘We had so much fun, and it was beautiful!’” – I truly believe my wedding was classy, beautiful AND people had a fabulous time. If there was something that went wrong, we didn’t know about it and everything was taken care of behind the scenes. My family and friends were able to enjoy themselves without having to work my wedding because Lisa and Tilly had it all figured out. If you’d like to speak further to someone who has worked with this company, contact me at gatto.b@gmail.com and I’d be happy to share more if you’d like.”

-Brandi Durkee


110312_carrierafa_390-150x150“I had to put together my wedding in about 2 months. I went to a bridal show and met Lisa, of Sweet Dreams Weddings and Events. She was the “realest” person there and we met the following week for a consultation. I hired her and it was one of the smartest choices I made for the wedding. Her business partner, Tilly, is also fantastic. They introduced me to venders I had never heard of, (saving me mucho dinero in the process) and walked me through every step of the planning. There were so many details I had never thought of… I would’ve been lost in a sea of stress without them. The day of the wedding, I just got to relax while they took care of all of the important details and set-up. My family and friends complimented me and said my wedding was beautiful, fun, and that I had “thought of everything.” I had to confess- it wasn’t me! It was my wedding planners. Sweet Dreams Weddings and Events are also just good people to be around. They are your advocates when dealing with venders and wedding site coordinators. Fun to hang out with, they are genuinely excited about making your wedding be the best it can be. I appreciate that they came with me to meetings with venders, ran the wedding rehearsal, picked up rental items, made table and place cards when I couldn’t handle anymore details, gave suggestions, and were patient when I changed my mind. They do all this and more! They also reminded me to breathe. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding.”



853_MARTINEZ_101010-2-150x150“We hired Lisa about a year (maybe a little more) before our wedding date. We started to plan one date and one type of wedding and then change it 1/4 of the way thru the planning process. Lisa was FANTASTIC thru all of it. Not only was she our coordinator, but since all my girlfirends live on the east coast and I really had no one here – she instantly became a great friend. She was there for me thru all my meltdowns & always knew how to calm me down. We had a tough time with our venue that we decided on and she was AWESOME at putting out the fires and helping us get the wedding of our dreams! (Which we did!). When Tilly came on board, Sweet Dreams got even stronger! They are both hard workers and wonderful people, they work together great!!! My only regret is that our wedding is over and I won’t be seeing them as often! The weekend of the wedding they were like angels!! They got my very difficult family and friends to get thru the rehearsal in a quick breeze AND when my dress was delivered to the hotel a WRINKLED MESS, they ran around town getting a steamer and spent hours trying to fix the problem late the night before the wedding! The day of the wedding was amazing! I literally just had to enjoy a glass of champagne, have my makeup and hair done and put on my dress – they did EVERYTHING else! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a GOD SENT they were!!!”


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