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The Wedding Dress! For a lot of brides its the most important detail of the wedding.                                      
The gown sets the mood for the whole celebration; formal, traditional ballroom gown 
to an informal, glamorous tea length style. What ever the style of  gown it should always
enhance the beauty of the bride, which means to find the right silhouette. 

Most popular styles for the designers this year looks like the sleek silhouette that are figure hugging. 

So it is very important for the bride’s figure to match the dress. Some examples of this style:    


Fabulous Ballroom Gown, traditional full skirt with a fitted bodice. If you needed another reason to love this style it is figure forgiving, 

hide those hips and thighs. Give you a nice waistline and give your cleavage a little more attention. 


The expression ” that fashion repeats itself” is true. The glamorous style from the 50’s era are back, classic Audrey Hepburn look.  

  Stunning Empire waistline with layers of silk organza is a really elegant look. The way the fabric flows as they walk, the fabric has soft glow which is photo friendly. Only thing to watch out for is the fabric is not forgiving it reveals all the bumps. This style is great for a formal wedding or an exciting destination beach wedding. 


 Still in the running this year is the tea length gown. Nice style for the brides with a great set of legs with those fabulous heels that would be a shame to hide. 


 No matter what your unique style is just remember to pick the gown that makes you shine.   

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