Happy Wedding Planning: Getting Started!

Wedding planning used to simple… Typically the mother of the bride would orchestrate the wedding. The bride was allowed some input, but pretty much she went with the flow. And the groom, he just showed up.

Today all the decisions on how to style & design the wedding rest largely with the Bride & Groom. Plus there are many choices to be made, so many it is easy to get overwhelmed. Wedding celebrations have gotten bigger, more lavish & it is normal for a perfectly normal bride to go a little nuts.

A quick Wedding Coordintor plug: It can be difficult to balance the planning of the wedding, work, family, friends, school & entwining your life with someone else. So that is what every bridal couple should stay focused on everyday leading up to the wedding. So hiring a professional wedding coordinator helps to keep these balanced. The main challenge is paying attention to details & not getting overwhelmed. Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun & if you are very organized, detailed orientated it can be done. Remembering that things can go wrong at the last minute, it is how they are handled… That no one will notice, being prepared for anything & that is why you need to hire that wedding coordinator you have that connection with.

So let’s help you get started on your planning with a simple task, but a very important one. Find a good time for you two to sit down to prioritize your wedding.

Wedding Tip: Taking one step at a time, makes it so much easier to manage the tasks & your time.

First task should be identify your dream wedding…. When this task is complete you should only walk away with the big picture not specific details. Like barefoot on a beach with the cool breeze through your hair or dancing in a ballroom surrounded by amazing lighting, eating your first meal as husband & wife on fine china or serving your favorite bottled microbrew from an old rustic claw-foot tub. For each bridal couple your dream vision may include attire or music or even a ski lift… that is what makes it you!

This might not be as simple as it sounds if you & your fiance’ have a different vision, so it may be your first experience in marital compromise. So if that is the case then both of you should write down your top 3 most important peices of the wedding. Than compare to find the common ground…

Then you can write down your wedding day vision base… to have when you start describing the vision to family & wedding professionals. This makes communicating a lot easier, when you start shaping your day’s vision.

Wedding Tip: Always allow room in your heart for change about your vision… sometimes things can change and focusing on a solution and not the disappointment is what really makes a good wedding planning experience.

So take a deep breath and before you start picking colors for dresses or textured linen for your reception tables, you have to create your wedding budget spread sheet!

So visit us again on Wedding Tip Thursday! For great tips about wedding budgets….

Happy Wedding Planning! from Sweet Dreams Weddings & Event

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