Happy Wedding Planning: Creating the Budget!

Budgeting is always a sensitive topic! It’s not about your math skills or professionals charging on a percentage basis for their services… It’s about setting up a budget & keeping track of expenses.

This is important to stick to your budget- but it is also good to have the room to allow around 10% over for a few splurges. Because every bride is a luxury bride, it just depends on what is important to her.

Now the budget should include contributions from everyone who wants to help with possibly the most expensive party of your life… not about who should pay for what part! But no matter who is footing what bill, everyone should feel included in the planning process… This is a family affair!

So set your wedding budget number & separate that amount by the percentage for each category of your event. Get your proposals & bids so if you do have family who wants to pay for a certain part and not a set amount, they can see what options are available. So if you have your favorite Aunt Sally call you and say she wants to pay for your flowers, you then have that budgeted 5% you can move to another category or move to your honeymoon… or even better save for something else that is important to you both!

So pick your “Top 3” most important category on your wedding day, like catering or wedding gown or maybe wedding entertainment! You can ask the others to do the same that are contributing to your wedding budget! This way you can help to curve over spending & not take on more debt then everyone can afford. We don’t ever want bridal couples starting their lives together in major debt!

When making the decisions about your priorities keep in mind the comfort of your guests, don’t skimp in the  areas that your guests leave your wedding complaining they are hungry, cold or waiting in long lines for the restrooms.

A Guideline to help with setting your budget. Each Wedding is different so you can change the percentages based on your priorities but remember to stay within your maximum budget!

42% Reception (site, food, drink)

8% Wedding Rings

8% Photography

6% Flowers

6% Rehearsal Dinner

5% Wedding Gown

5% Videography

4% Reception music

3% Grooms Attire

2% Hair & Makeup for bride & bridal party

2% Invites & Announcements

2% Ceremony music

2% Church/ Chapel/ Synagogue

2% Wedding Cake

2% Transportation

1% Favors

This will get you started

This will get you started… Come back next Thursday for best ways to cut costs!

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2 comments on “Happy Wedding Planning: Creating the Budget!
  1. charity says:

    this plan really saves!

  2. Cielle says:

    Brilliant and practical idea for wedding budgeting! This really helps

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