Fabulous Styles for Fabulous Women

Like Dresses, brides come in all sizes as well. No matter your size, a wedding dress sizing chart is going to say you’re a size or two larger than your street clothes. This little detail can make any bride self-conscious, but for the full figure bride it can really make you unhappy. So just remember when you’re doing your measurements for your bridal gown that most size charts are European Sizes, so it’s not you it is the manufacturer.

Designers today make styles for all body types, so just because you are not a size 6 you can still have a fabulous wedding gown. Only question you need to ask yourself is how much skin are you willing to show?

You have many choices to choose from for your gown silhouette, neckline, color & gown length. What ever style you choose you need to make sure it looks beautiful on you. So always bring someone who can be completely honest with you, not someone who is going to be swept up in the moment. More importantly the gown you finally choose should make you feel beautiful.

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