SDWE Apprectice Program

~SDWE Apprentice Program Details~

This program is designed for those who are interested in becoming a member of this fabulous & demanding wedding industry. This is an entry level program that will give you the inside scoop to the wedding planning world, it is structured to offer you five days of learning & shadowing our event planners. It begins by spending the first day having a one on one session to learn the foundation of how the office works. You will be observing & participating in the day to day activities that go into the planning phases of an event.

Throughout the program you will be exposed to wedding basics, some examples of these basics are:

~ starting a company, help you understand the challenges & advantages

~ learn helpful basic operations procedures.

~ view samples of contracts, client folders & examples of vendor lists, how they are helpful in wedding planning

~ learn tips about the wedding business, how SDWE creates timelines & budgets.

~ shadow our professional event planners at a rehearsal & on the wedding day

~ review wedding day final details, event timelines & your role on the big day

~ assist with venue setup, decorating & vendor management of the timeline.

At the end of your apprenticeship we will again have a one on one, so we can review your time with us. Plus give you a chance to ask any questions you might have

The program is 5 days that will include some educational sessions, observation & assisting our planners, as stated above in detail. The program will be based around our available scheduled events; therefore the program days may not be consecutive. To try to accommodate you we will submit you with your program schedule within two weeks prior to the assigned event.

The charge for the SDWE Apprentice Program is $489. Payment must be paid in full when accepted to the program. Entry to the program is based on the review of your application & an interview with one of our business owners.

What you take with you at the end of this program will hopefully give you some foundation that you will be able to use when you start your own business. This is not a replacement for traditional education that we encourage you to take as your next step towards your career as a wonderful wedding planner.

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